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Call for Proposals

Graduate Assistantships in Restoration and Conservation of Hawaiian Ecosystems

Overview: The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (UHM), in collaboration with the Army Natural Resources Program on O‘ahu (ANRPO), invites the submission of proposals from UHM graduate faculty members for funding to support graduate research on applied projects to improve management outcomes for ANRPO. The program has more than 50 technicians, biologists, and other specialists who employ a variety of strategies and technologies to ensure the persistence and stability of threatened and endangered species and native ecosystems located on State and private lands across the Wai‘anae and Ko‘olau mountains on O‘ahu.  Please refer to the attached ANPRO Research Needs document for more details.

Eligibility: Proposals must be submitted by a Graduate Faculty member at UHM who is advising, or planning to advise, a UHM graduate student (e.g., MEM, MS Plan B, MS Plan A, or PhD).

Proposal Timeline: Proposals are due by 5:00 pm HST September 30th, 2022.  Proposals will be reviewed by ANRPO Leaderships and awardees will be notified of decisions by October 24th, 2022.

Informational Webinar: A webinar was held on September 8th, 2022 at 3pm to provide an overview of the ANRPO program and an opportunity to address questions to program leaders.  A recording is available here.


Available Funds: The program will provide funding for two awards in total for up to 2 years of support (with year 2 funds depending on satisfactory performance during year 1).  Each award will fund one, 11-month Graduate Assistantship (at Step 12) and up to one month of faculty summer overload salary per year.  No additional funds are available to fund materials, travel, etc, however the program will offer the option of using all or part of the faculty summer salary to support these expenses.  ANPRO may be able to provide additional support, as needed, such as access to field sites, support from ANRPO staff and facilities (e.g., greenhouse and seed bank) and source material (e.g., seeds and other plant materials). Proposals that leverage funding from other sources (i.e., resources available in the Faculty’s lab) to complete the proposed research are encouraged.

Project timelines:  Proposals are being requested this semester to support projects beginning in Fall 2023 with support for the full academic year through the following summer.  Proposals may be for one or two years, with the second year of funding contingent on progress as demonstrated by submitting a Year 1 report.  Projects will require a final report alongside other proposed deliverables.

Application Content: In no more than 2 pages (12 pt font, single spaced, 1” margins, NOT counting Budget and references), please cover the following in your application:

  1. Proposal Title

  2. Contact information for the Graduate Faculty member applying and the graduate student being supported (if known)

  3. Brief background/accomplishment statement for the proposed research area for the Graduate Faculty member applying (if known) the graduate student being supported

  4. Succinct write-up of proposed research project, including: which ANRPO research need the proposal addresses, if applicable (see attachment); Clear research objectives; the timeline for study (including time/research conducted prior to and/or beyond the proposed GA period, as applicable); brief overview of methodology; and expected outputs/outcomes. If the proposed work does not directly address an ANRPO research need from the list, describe how the project will improve management outcomes.

  5. Clear list of needs for the proposed project requested from ANRPO (e.g., access to field sites; materials and supplies; personnel needs), being as specific as possible.  While ANRPO is committed to supporting applied research projects, not all needs can be supported so please be realistic in what you request from ANRPO.

  6. Brief (no more than 1 page) budget IF materials/supplies are being requested in place of, or alongside partial, faculty summer salary AND if other funding is being leveraged to complete the proposed project in addition to and/or beyond the GA (in-kind, direct, etc.)


Proposal Submission  Send proposals as a single PDF document by 5:00 pm HST September 30th, 2022 to Dr. Clay Trauernicht:


General Inquiries: Please direct all questions/concerns via email to Dr. Clay Trauernicht:

Conservation Management Projects of Interest to ANRPO: Click button below to download a pdf table of applied research needs.

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